Realising the opportunity

Getting a breakthrough technology/new treatment adopted in the changing UK healthcare system can be both time-consuming and complex. Effective and efficient engagement with the clinicians, patient representatives and national bodies, tasked with delivering the required innovation, can significantly reduce a breakthrough products time to market and increase shareholder value.

Our mission is to assist UK/European and US based Medical Device companies, predominantly SME’s with limited resources, to realise and accelerate the commercialisation of their innovation in the UK NHS.

The  UK outcomes data generated, and the evidence based decisions taken, being used to speed up adoption in other markets.

Acting as an extension to your senior management team we do this by providing both decision and on the ground operational support. This is what makes us unique. Typically we are asked to;

  • Provide insights into the burden of disease, the current care pathway and appetite to change, as it relates to a specific disruptive technology.
  • Develop the value proposition for the UK market, as it compares to the UK NHS gold standard, and communicate the interest in collaborative working with the UK NHS.
  • Facilitate introductions to, and foster collaborative working with, interested clinical experts who will drive the adoption process in partnership with patients and the various NHS bodies.
  • Facilitate introductions to the various national bodies, including the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), the National Institute for health and Care Excellence (NICE) to gain input into the study design, and to understand what additional evidence needs to be generated for the Health Technology Assessment in order to achieve favourable clinical guidance and a positive reimbursement decision.
  • Seek open UK government and charity funding streams to support the research to be undertaken in the UK.
  • Navigate the new and evolving pathways and approval processes for medical devices.
  • Provide a route to market be it through the appointment of a best fit licensing partner/distributor or the establishment and management of a UK/European subsidiary company with a sub contract sales force.

With a network of trusted associates additional specialist resources and services can be sub contracted in as required

Client Benefits

  • Cost effective solution to gaining fast track access to the UK market with the possibility of a funding support package.
  • Evidence generated in the UK, to support favorable clinical guidance and reimbursement decisions, can be used to support early adoption in the US and other European markets.
  • Project managed market entry program
  • A UK representative on the ground.