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Vision Healthcare has successfully worked with a number of European/ US based SME’s, predominantly medical device companies, to introduce, develop and commercialise breakthrough technologies in collaboration with the UK NHS. These have included:

  • A device which uses artificial intelligent software to improve the management of diabetic patients. The project involved identifying the clinical experts, agreeing the clinical design protocol and supporting the preparation of a bid under a government clinical research funding call.
  • A game changing CE marked non invasive neuromodulation device/new treatment option for drug resistant epilepsy.  The project involved the identification of clinical experts to test the device and creating a route to market through appointing a best fit UK distributor and opening up the self pay market ahead of reimbursement.
  • In providing a route to market and undertaking new product launches Paul has also established a UK subsidiary company and built a business for a patented portfolio of vision care products using a sub contract sales force. In addition he co-founded a  UK specialty pharmaceutical company to “drive up” sales of a well established, promotionally sensitive gastro-intestinal medicine and created a “launch platform” for originator “follow on” products.