The UK NHS opportunity for MedTech

With the UK Government’s stated ambition that NHS patients should be among the first in the world to get life-changing treatments now is the time for UK/European and US based medical device companies to have an effective UK NHS engagement plan, and the resources in place in order to take advantages of the new opportunities.

Realization is to be achieved through the coordinated actions of the national bodies, including the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), the alignment of government research funding decisions, and a streamlining of the new rapid approval and diffusion processes.

A positive reimbursement decision to be based on robust clinical and economic evidence showing significant benefits compared with standard care.

UK clinicians, in consultation with patients, will take the lead.

With over 30 years of collaborative working with the UK NHS, Vision Healthcare is ideally placed to support UK/European and US based medtech companies, predominantly start ups and SME’s, effectively and efficiently engage with the evolving UK healthcare system. The fast track data generated, and the world respected health technology guidance and reimbursement decisions taken by the UK NHS, can be used to support accelerated market access in the US and other European markets.